Structure, Clarity, Analytics, Insight.

Ontologics helps you to gain and sustain competitive advantage today, and in tomorrow's digital world.

From business strategies for ICT, to portfolio optimisation, organisational design, business and enterprise architecture establishment and operation, including various offerings as turn-key capabilities or services, Ontologics can position you for success.

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Who We Are

We are a group of outcome driven business and technology professionals, passionate about optimising and sustaining enterprises.

Sometimes transformation isn't enough; if you need sustainable competitive advantage with a short return on investment without compromising on the strategic plan, Ontologics can help - quickly.

We deliver services, outcomes and experiences that help businesses become and remain sustainable, through structure, clarity, analytics, and insights.
We also pride ourselves on building ongoing relationships that support and grow your people so they ultimately have the skills and supporting tools to work magic without us...

We combine these elements to enhance your practical real world capabilities


Can you describe your organisation consistently, including org structure, functions, processes, applications, information, etc? Can you articulate the current state of the organisation, the future state required and how the transitions along the way will get you there? Do you have the basic tools, information and capabilities to plan and run your business well?
We can help you build, run and maintain the tools, processes and information to make this simple.


Do you have the ability to compare your enterprise to the market, form executable strategy, assess against industry standards and audit requirements? Can you quantify your business continuity position? Is your strategy and operational plan effective? Are your people spending time on the most important things? How do you know?
Ontologics can provide turn-key capabilities for your team, or provide ongoing services to simplify and streamline these capabilities.


Do you have the capability to compare multiple years of performance data against benchmarks? Can you model what-if scenarios for your business strategy, structure, operation and transformation programmes? Can you provide consistent, tailored and compelling views of all these things to the board, the executive, management and your teams?
Ontologics can assist you with putting the mechanisms in place, training your people, and operating the platforms to analyse your business.


Can you quantiatively define, select, justify and deliver investments and benefits on the best opportunities for your business at any point in time? Are you able to innovate in an agile and timely fashion? Do your people have the tools and information required to make fast, accurate, justifiable decisions?
Ontologics can help you put standard, repeatable mechanisms in place that enable you to stay ahead of your competitors.

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What We Do

We have everything you need to start strategising, planning, operating and transforming efficiently and effectively.

Across all of our Core Services Lines, shown below, Ontologics have a vast array of tried, tested and validated collateral which allows us to take a structured, repeatable approach. We are not inventing templates on your time - they exist now. We can come in, use these tested processes and templates, and deliver value and results from day 1.

Strategy and Planning

Information & Data

Operations and People

Programmes and Investments

Solutions and Designs

Business & Enterprise Architecture

Our Approach

More than just another consultancy.

For us, it's all about the relationships, so you choose the delivery approach that works best for you: Ongoing managed services, outcome-based engagements, turn-key capability delivery for your teams, or time and materials.

Our Trademarked framework, FractalMETA®, is designed from the ground up to start where it makes sense based on your organization's profile. You won't necessarily need or want to start at step 1.

Reach out to discuss how an introductory Insight Session can start saving you money and time today. For every dollar you spend with us, we can typically identify and help you deliver opportunities and savings between two and twenty-five times your investment, delivering real value through analytical dashboards in the first month, as part of a simple 4 step approach to real enterprise sustainability.

EAaaS Products
EAaaS Products
EAaaS Dashboards
EAaaS Dashboards


BREAKING NEWS: Strategic Partnership to offer IRIS Business Architect

IRIS Business Architect: New strategic Partnership with Benchmark Consulting
Ontologics are excited to announce we are now the IRIS Business Architect partner in Australia, New Zealand, Malaysia and Singapore.
Partnering with Benchmark Consulting means we can now assist you in assessing, procuring, implementing, training and operating IRIS; and of course any real-world consultancy utilising this outstanding toolset.
As with all our technology partnerships, our arrangements are NOT incentivised and we receive no commission or royalties; this means we remain furiously independent to allow us to give you impartial advice and recommendations on the best tools for the job, for your circumstances.

IRIS Business Architect
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